Discover the Art of Moroccan Henna

by Siham

Discover the Art of Moroccan Henna

by Siham

Discover the Art of Moroccan Henna

by Siham

Discover the Art of Moroccan Henna

by Siham


I am Siham, a traditional Henna artist. Welcome to Marrakech, my home, my heart, the art of Morocco. I was born in a village near Marrakech, and at an early age I started learning the art of Henna, practicing on my sisters (we were five sisters, no boys). I never tired of endlessly decorating their skin in swirls and shapes. I always loved doing it.

I am looking forward to sharing some special moments together!

Your Moroccan Experience

You will leave this Experience with a 100% natural Henna temporary tattoo and impress friends and family with all that you learned about the art of Henna in Morocco :-)

 I will meet you at the post office " Bab el Khemis" in the heart of the Marrakesh medina. Then, we'll take a 07-minute walk through our vibrant neighborhood streets to my home.

I'll introduce you to every step of the ancient art of Henna tattooing over a fresh pot of home-brewed Moroccan mint tea. You'll learn the traditional preparation process of the 100% natural Henna mud, historical & cultural significance of Henna art, and application & drawing techniques. 

Each guest will choose one Henna design for me to draw on their hand or foot from my Henna designs catalog. Once I've completed your chosen Henna tattoo, you will be encouraged to try to draw your own Henna design on your hand or foot! I will, of course, assist you in every step of the process - teaching you the best techniques to create your own piece of art.

Join me for an unforgettable experience in Marrakesh! 

How much does it cost?

I will charge you 40Euros per person for the Experience (including one single Henna design). All necessary tools & materials will be provided to complete your Henna designs .

If you would like me to join your event or wedding  as a Henna artist - please contact me and I will provide an individual offer.

Transportation - A driver can be arranged for pick-up and drop-off, if desired (note: transportation costs not included in Experience price and are paid directly to the driver by the guest)

Cooking Classes

I also used to help as a little girl in the kitchen learning how to cook traditional Moroccan cuisine from the best chef in the world: my mum! That's the way I started to love cooking. Now I am happy to share this big love with you!

Wedding & Events

It would be a pleasure, to be part of your wedding or event as a henna artist.

You can find some photos in my Gallery

For more information about the costs please contact me.